Latest pv support for asphalt shingle roof 2023-09-04

Xiamen HQ Mount designed and developed a new Angle adjustable solar bracket suitable for many asphalt pv tile roofs in Europe and the United States. This product moves or rotates in the mounting slot of the base through a movable clamp to change the position and Angle of the pressure block in the base. Thus, it is convenient to adjust the fast Angle of the track within a certain Angle range (preferably 10° range), and the press block can be adjusted in a certain size (such as 45 mm range) in the mounting slot of the base, improving the convenience of construction.

This product effectively avoids the displacement caused by the solar L-foot support installation of the traditional asphalt tile roof, and the installation is easy and save labor cost. If you would like more information, please contact us for more product

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